Oct 27 2011

Prepare before the scare… Halloween safety tips from an Attorney

by admin in Food Poisoning

With Halloween quickly approaching it’s important to realize the dangers involved with this holidays annual festivities. From a Houston Personal Injury Attorney’s perspective a weekend of laughs and frights can quickly turn into a ghoulish nightmare leaving you with costly medical bills or worse.

Before going out it is important to follow a few common sense practices that are usually forgotten when getting wrapped up in all of the Halloween fright, but by following them you can end up wrapped up in a mummy costume rather than bandages or a body bag.  Always remember to use the buddy system, especially if you are sending your children out with peers for a night of fun and treats. Ask yourself, would you normally let your child go walk through neighborhoods by themselves at night? Don’t let Halloween be an exception. If you or your children are going out for Halloween, make sure you are in a group of well-known friends and or family.

In addition to not venturing out alone, you should keep in mind to check any and all candy that is received. Remember, you are accepting candy from random people. If you think you know every single person in your neighborhood or can trust the ones you don’t, just because of the area you live in, don’t kid yourself. Do a simple check on familywatchdog.us and I’m sure you will be in for a real legitimate scare. So, always remember to check every single piece of candy before consumption. Often time’s children and parents alike forget to do this one important thing and by having this one simple lapse in judgment can get food poisoning, which will definitely put a hamper on the rest of the holiday’s events and festivities.

Halloween Safety Tips

So, coming from a Houston Food Poisoning Attorney’s perspective; do your due diligences before you end up having to call Ramji & Associates at Law! Have a safe and happy Halloween!