Jul 04 2012

Electronic Technology is Proposed to Prevent Truck Rollover Accidents

by admin in Auto Accidents

Earlier this month a tanker truck overturned on Interstate 10 near Hamshire in southeast Texas, causing a major fire and the evacuation of homes and businesses within a two mile radius.


The driver escaped with minor injuries but in so many cases like this our experienced Houston truck accident injury attorneys see serious injuries, burns or a loss of life.

Now a proposed new safety standard by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could help cut down on these kinds of crashes.

The NHTSA aims to make electronic stability control (ESC) a standard feature on all new trucks and buses with a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 26,000 pounds.

It’s a wide-ranging proposal. The rule has been floated as a follow-up to a similar measure that would require all passenger cars to be equipped with the system.

According to its reports the NHTSA estimates electronic stability control systems on all new large trucks would prevent up to 2,329 accidents, and an estimated 649 to 858 injuries each year.

It would save up to 60 lives that are lost in big rig crashes every year.

The NHTSA says 56 percent of deadly rollover crashes and 14 percent of accidents caused by a loss of control by the driver, can be avoided by fitting an ESC system.

“Today’s proposal is a major step forward to improving the safety of large commercial trucks, motorcoaches, and other large buses,” said Ray La Hood, the Secretary of Transportation.

ESC is already making an appearance in some vehicles. It is offered as an option on many new buses and trucks.

If the new rule is adopted, it will take up to four years to come into effect.

Truck accidents account for almost 1 out of 9 road traffic deaths every year, with accidents involving 18 wheelers often proving particularly devastating because of their size and weight.

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