2017 Personal Injury
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Attorney Adam Ramji has been giving Personal Injury seminars to chiropractors across the nation for over 5+ years. His unique experience gives him insight like no other.

This Personal Injury Seminar covers all aspects of personal injury and is approved by the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners for 16 hours of credit, which does include the required ethics, risk management and record keeping.

Everything you need to renew your Texas or Louisiana license!

Most seminars are held at country clubs and are interactive. Hear from an attorney that is also a doctor, someone who understands both sides.

2017 Dates
May 6-7 – Houston
May 20-21 – San Antonio
June 3-4 – Houston
July 1-2 – Houston
July 15-16 – McAllen
August 5-6 – Houston
August 12-13 – Austin
September 16-17 – Houston
October 7-8 – Houston
October 14-15 – Las Vegas
November 4-5 – Houston
November 11-12 – San Antonio
December 2-3 – New Orleans
December 9-10 – Houston

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See what some of the other doctors have said about Adam Ramji and the Personal Injury Seminar:

  • Dr. Thomas Lee of ActivRehab – “Ramji is very knowledgable and experienced with personal injury. His seminar helped answer a lot of questions about the practice of personal injury”
  • Dr. Eduardo Diodata of NightTimeChiropractic – “Dr. Ramji has a great ability to explain his perspective and he has a passion for his profession.”
  • Dr. Reon Bailey – “This course was great. It helped clear up questions I’ve had about PI”
  • Dr. Kaz Baczinskas – “Extremely valuable knowledge.”
  • Dr. Hetul Bhakta – “Efficient, informative, good for newbies or the experienced.”
  • Dr. Andrew Cho – “It was great, clear, points out main and important ideas for PI that helped a lot.”
  • Dr. Bryce Cunningham – “Most informative seminar on personal injury that I have attended.”
  • Dr. Jeff Doan – “Very informative. I will definitely attend again.”
  • Dr. Roshun Glover – “Ramji’s session was great.”
  • Dr. Thomas Hallisy – “This is the 4th time I took his seminar. I learn something every time I come, I will be back.”
  • Dr. Robert Howell – “Great job, no hesitation in answering questions.”
  • Dr. Gregory Johnson – “Great information for any chiropractor wanting to succeed in the business of personal injury cases.”
  • Dr. Alberto King – “Informative and to the point. Helped with learning how and why to treat PI cases.”
  • Dr. Thomas Le – “Great PI/Auto Injury attorney.”
  • Dr. Shawna Martin – “Very insightful info on ‘the other side’ of PI cases.”
  • Dr. Chad Olstad – “Ramji’s seminar was clear, concise and very informative. Even with 18 years of personal injury experience, I enjoyed reviewing the basics and hearing about growing trends in the industry.”
  • Dr. Scott Payne – “Invaluable to have attorney perspective on how insurance considers your bill.”
  • Dr. Jeffrey Pinotti – “I was on the wall about doing PI, but after Dr. Ramji’s lecture, I know I’ve got my back covered. His knowledge as a doctor and attorney gives me the confidence I needed to plunge into [the] PI world.”
  • Dr. Jeff Prusk – “I found the information that Dr. Ramji presented was useful. I’ve been practicing 25 years and treating PI cases and I still found his presentation helpful.”
  • Dr. Roger Rowe – “Adam’s knowledge as both a chiropractor and attorney is a powerful asset. This clearly comes through in the PI seminar, which is highly recommended.”
  • Dr. Rick Savard – “Very informative and applicable information.”
  • Dr. Behjat Syed – “Short and sweet – loved it.”
  • Dr. Anthony Vasquez – “A must to maximize your patients outcomes.”
  • Dr. James Wellington – “Very knowledgeable, documentation of evidence and case management roadmap is without parallel.”
  • Dr. Mark West – “I have been to Dr. Ramji’s presentation before, great expertise, he seems to strive with keeping current issues about law/procedure changes.”