Jun 19 2012

Woman Dies in Wreck Involving US Postal Service Truck in Houston

Woman Dies in Wreck Involving US Postal Service Truck in Houston

When big rigs are involved in crashes the consequences are often serious and sometimes fatal.

Sadly a woman whose SUV was involved in a wreck with a US Postal Service 18-wheeler in Houston on May 11, 2012, died later at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, abc news reported. Even at low speeds, the weight of 18 wheelers can render accidents extremely serious.

Pictures from the scene showed the truck pinned against a minivan on an intersection in a residential neighborhood.

The accident took place at 13100 Misty Willow at Misty Willow Place in northwest Houston. One woman, believed to be an elderly passenger, died while another woman in the van was taken to a local hospital. The extent of her injuries are not known.
The driver of the big rig was not believed to be seriously injured. He was seen walking to an ambulance but was later transported to a local hospital.

As experienced Houston Truck Accident Attorneys, we see many unequal crashes on the roads of Texas between heavy trucks and other vehicles such as vans, cars or motorcycles. Some of the results are horrifying.

In this case the wreck clearly occurred at a low speed as a maneuver on a residential street went badly wrong.
Recently our Texas truck injury attorneys reported on how a rise in accidents involving 18 wheelers is leading some Texas counties to restrict trucks on sections of their highways.

If you are hurt in an accident involving a big rig it’s often possible to sue the trucking company and awards are usually higher than in car accidents.

But what if the truck involved belongs to the federal government as in this case?

If you have a claim against the federal government of which the US Postal service is a branch, often your only option is to sue the federal government under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

It’s a more complex process than suing a private citizen and it can involve numerous hoops and many limitations.

Historically you were not permitted to sue the king under a doctrine known as “sovereign immunity.” The Federal Tort Claims Act allows some lawsuits against employees of the federal government as long as they are acting within the scope of their employment.

An experienced lawyer can help guide you through the Federal Tort Claims Act. For a free case evaluation by an experienced Truck Accidents attorney who could assist you with a potential personal injury case, please call our law firm at (713) 888-8888 or (281) 888-8888.


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Aug 23 2011

What is all the hype behind diminished value?

by admin in Diminished Value

Let’s face it, NO ONE will buy a repaired car for the same price of a non damaged car.  And anyone who would pay the same price, must be obligated to do so because they work for an insurance company!

But seriously, insurance companies have a job.  Their job is to save money.  The more they save, the more they keep, naturally.

I have never heard of an agent or a representative of an insurance company ever offering to pay for the diminished value.  It’s just something that many people don’t know about and insurance companies don’t want to let it out.  But as a car accident attorney, we have to dig deep for our clients.

So remember, if you have had a wreck, then you not only need a good car accident attorney, but you need a good representative of diminished value.

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