personal injury attorneyYou have a right to be fairly compensated when you are injured as a result of someone else’s actions. But getting fair compensation can be tricky business. Insurance companies want to pay the minimum amount that they can get away with. That’s where personal injury attorneys can lend a helping hand. They have a specific collection of knowledge and skills that can ensure that you get the most out of your personal injury claim. That being said, you may not need a personal injury attorney if…

1. You know exactly what you need to prove in court.

You don’t need a personal injury attorney if you already know exactly what you need to prove in court. While it may seem that all you need to do is show that you were injured, there’s a bit more to personal injury cases. In addition to proving your injury, you need to be able to show that the party at fault was acting unreasonably. In some cases, it takes tracking down an expert witness to do just that. There are also rules about what type of evidence a court will even consider. You’ll need to know that kind of information. If not, you may need a personal injury attorney

2. You know about all the important deadlines.

You may not need to hire a lawyer if you know about all the important deadlines. There is a lot of red tape in the legal process and failure to adhere to the requirements can mean that your case is dismissed. First of all, you need to file your case within the statute of limitations, which is basically a certain amount of time after the incident that caused your injury. After a case has been filed, there are plenty of other legal deadlines that need to be met. If this is first time you have even heard of these deadlines, you might be better off hiring an attorney

3. You know how to deal with insurance companies.

You can avoid hiring an attorney if you have a lot of experience dealing with insurance companies. In many cases, insurance companies are willing to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. The problem is that negotiating a fair settlement involves a lot of research. You would have to be able to determine the strength of both parties’ cases as well the verdicts and settlements of similar cases. Insurance companies also have limits on what they will pay out depending on their policy, but there are other ways to collect the full amount of what you may be entitled to such as filing a suit against additional defendants. If you don’t know how to navigate through the world of insurance companies, then hiring a personal injury attorney may prove highly beneficial.

If after going through this list you have determined that you do need a personal injury attorney, the attorneys at Ramji & Associates have successfully represented thousands of injured individuals against insurance companies. Contact us at 713-888-8888 to get started with a free legal consultation.

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