I Need A Lawyer Now

Modern society is so complex it is often difficult to negotiate your way through the maze without the help of a lawyer.

In some cases the need for an attorney is obvious. If you find yourself behind bars or hit with a lawsuit, the first call you are likely to make is to an attorney. But there are less obvious situations in which an attorney can help you.

When you are hurt in a car wreck or if you slip on the floor of a store or on steps, you may not immediately think of calling an attorney. Personal injury victims are often in great pain. Their first priority is to find medical help quickly.

Often after patients have sorted out their immediate medical needs following a car wreck, they will contact the insurance company of the other driver. But attempting to handle a claim yourself and then later seeking out a lawyer may complicate the claim process.

It can be compared to seeking to treat a medical condition on your own before you go to the doctor. Your own actions could make the situation worse.

If you deal directly with an insurance company it could weaken your case because insurance companies employ many tricks to obtain information to undermine you.

Hiring an experienced Houston Car Accident Attorney from the outset, can save you from the potential traps and maximize your settlement. It also allows you to concentrate on getting better, instead of having to fight with an insurance company about liability issues. If your injury is of a minor nature and the case is straightforward, you may not need an attorney. But victims who suffer serious injuries stand to lose out if they deal directly with an insurance company.


A 1999 study by the Insurance Research Council found the average person receives a settlement more than three times higher with legal assistance than without it.

A car wreck attorney can also identify the cause of a particular car accident or case, and take the steps to put together an appropriate claim. The issue may not just be about a claim against the insurer. If a wreck has been caused by a defective part or car, this may mean filing a lawsuit or claim with the auto manufacturer.

In more complex areas the need for a lawyer is often self-evident. If you are suffering from lung cancer which you believe may be linked to exposure to asbestos, if you have suffered pain after being fitted with a defective hip replacement or if you have been harmed by exposure to benzene, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to work with you on bringing a lawsuit, or inform you how to join a class action.

There are many other areas of personal injury in which the specialist advice of an attorney, is invaluable in a claim. For example, Ramji & Associates has considerable expertise in laser hair removal, a popular but risky procedure, that has left some patients with third degree burns on their body.

It never hurts to talk to a lawyer, and initial consultations are free. Call 713-888-8888 or (281) 300-5631 for a free and confidential consultation.