Medical Bills

Who Pays My Medical Bills?

Having a car accident can cause much chaos and can pile up medicals bills.  If you went to the emergency room…you know the bills are on their way.  What about future treatment that you many need?

If you have Ambulance charges, or Life Flight (Helicopter) charges, or Hospital charges…who pays for that?

In Texas, here’s how it works:

The basic answer:
The person who caused the accident is responsible for the medical bills you sustain.

The detailed answer:
Now hopefully that person has auto insurance.  That insurance company should pay for the person that caused the accident.  However, in Texas insurance companies don’t pay easily.  That’s why you need Ramji & Associates.

If you used your Medicaid or Medicare, then that is considered a super lien. They have the first right to be paid back, even before a hospital lien.

The hospital can file what is called a statutory hospital lien.  This lien allows the hospital to obtain first recovery on your settlement.  This lien is filed in public records, so the insurance company knows about it, and they are required to issue payment directly to the hospital.  Ramji & Associates has experience in negotiating with hospital representative to reduce the lien, which puts the money in your pocket.

If you used your health insurance to pay for medicals, your health insurance company could also be in line for recovery.  Again, we are experienced in dealing with the companies that enforce their liens.  One can reduce these liens and pass the savings on to you.

Ramji & Associates, personal injury attorneys, can negotiate with the Hospital, with Medicare or Medicaid, or with your health insurance company, so there can be more recovery for your pain, suffering, lost wages, etc.


Well, our law firm has a VERY wide range of providers that we have a relationship with.  We send them a LOP (Letter of Protection) and they treat you.  Then they understand their medical bills will be paid from and after the settlement.  Because of our special and long standing relationship with these medical providers, we can easily obtain significant reductions in their bills so that the savings goes to our clients.

The process of dealing with insurance carriers, adjuster, police agencies, governmental agencies, hospital lien representatives, health insurance representatives and medical providers is complex, time-consuming, and full of traps and pitfalls for those individuals inexperienced in such matters.  Ramji & Associates has the experience, knowledge and personnel trained to deal with these challenges so that you can relax and recover from your injuries while we deal with the issues involved in your case.