Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury and death in the United States, resulting in over 115 deaths per day. If you or a loved one is involved in an auto accident, you will need to file a report with the police department, insurance company, and may also need to contact an auto accident lawyer.

An auto injury attorney can provide appropriate representation and guidance for your case, pursuing monetary compensation and damages as a result of the accident or injury. No matter what type of auto accident or situation you may be in, you may be entitled to compensation that can cover medical expenses, loss of income, and healthcare costs that you now need after the traffic accident.

What Type of Auto Accidents Qualify for Compensation?

Auto accidents carry legal consequences depending on the type of accident and parties involved. Without appropriate reporting to police and insurance companies, the parties involved can face significant lawsuits and even prosecution. Working with a car wreck lawyer or auto injury attorney is essential in determining the severity of the crash, and any appropriate damages.

Auto accidents can range from vehicle collisions, car wrecks, traffic accidents, or injuries to structures. Auto accidents account for thousands of deaths and disabilities each year, and it is important to understand which category your situation falls in. An auto accident attorney can determine how a driver or auto accident sufferer can be compensated for any injuries sustained in a car crash, and each situation varies significantly.

You can pursue appropriate compensation if:

* You suffer from a fractured bone or other fractures as a result of the accident
* You lost a limb during the accident
* You are suffering from debilitating injuries that take away from your quality of life or ability to work
* You are permanently disfigured
* You experience a loss of senses
* A loved one is killed in the accident

Working with an experienced Houston Auto accident lawyer is essential in determining your case and receiving adequate compensation. An auto accident attorney can determine the viability of your situation and start the claims process. It is essential to pursue both medical and legal assistance immediately after an accident so that you can file for all appropriate compensation within a reasonable timeframe.

What Types of Claims Are Most Common with Auto Accidents?

An auto accident lawyer can make it easy to file a claim and determine who was at fault in a particular situation. Seeking legal assistance may require providing appropriate medical evidence and insurance information. The most common types of claims associated with auto accidents and personal injury resulting from a car crash include:

* Uninsured driver claims
* Serious injury
* Medical expenses related to a car accident
* Loss of income as a result of a car crash
* Pedestrians involved in car accidents
* Defective vehicles and poor manufacturing practices linked to the cars involved

Determining if you are eligible for compensation requires seeking legal assistance and guidance immediately after the accident. Any delays in diagnosis, treatment, or claims in court can make you ineligible for appropriate damages. Working with an auto accident lawyer or attorney can help you file the right claims and proceed through the litigation process with ease.

Why Contact a Car Wreck Lawyer or Auto Accident Attorney?

Car wrecks and accidents are generally a result of vehicle negligence and poor driving practices. Even though car wreck deaths have declined significantly since the 1980s, auto accidents and related incidences still occur. The most common reasons for a car accident include:

* Inattentive driving
* Risky driving ventures
* Distracting gadgets (e.g. cell phones, in-car movie players)
* Lack of appropriate safety features

A car wreck attorney can identify the cause of a particular auto accident or case, and take the steps to put together an appropriate claim. In some situations, this may mean filing a lawsuit or claim with the auto manufacturer. This is most common when areas of consumer safety and manufacturing defects are the main cause for a particular accident or death. An experienced auto accident attorney can help you get the appropriate compensation for your particular situation; contact Johnson Law Group today to work with an experienced car wreck attorney or auto injury lawyer and get the relief and compensation you need.

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