Houston Catastrophic Injury Attorney

A life changing accident causing injuries and permanent unwanted effects places an enormous burden on the victim, their family, and loved ones. Such accidents can be catastrophic, but may not produce a fatality or wrongful death. However, the consequences can be nearly as damaging. Although contacting a Houston personal injury attorney may not be your first plan of action if you or someone you know has suffered this type of injury, there are reasons you should consider doing so.

In addition to expensive medical care and pricey recovery treatments, these accidents frequently require the need for long-term attendant care or physical therapy to aid in rehabilitation. There are often times additional costs for special equipment or devices to either help facilitate your recovery or to help you function after the accident. Occupational therapy may be needed as well. These added expenses are not superfluous luxuries, but are often ignored and denied by insurance companies who only seek to save their own costs and to resolve your accident claim as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Please contact us to arrange a free and confidential initial consultation with one of our experienced Houston Catastrophic Injury Attorneys, where we can discuss the details surrounding your accident. We will personally meet with you in your hospital if necessary, but we cannot begin helping you until you give us a call or contact us!