18-wheeler-accidentTruck injuries and accidents are a concern for many delivery drivers and automobile passengers, a rising problem that contributes to almost 1 out of 9 road traffic deaths each year. From collisions to driving injuries, truck accidents are more commonplace in situations where stress and poor driving conditions play a role in each route. Truckers are under pressure to meet tight deadlines for deliveries, and may be unfamiliar with particular roads and environments.Even though trucking safety training is mandatory for all trucking companies and employees, many truck accidents continue to occur. Consulting with a truck accident lawyer is an important step after a collision or other auto accident that involves a truck or vehicle. A truck accident attorney can provide guidance for handling the situation, and help with the entire litigation process.What Are the Main Causes of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are caused by a variety of instances and circumstances, and inexperienced drivers are more at risk. Trucking companies are required to meet government standards and codes of conduct during their training programs, and these guidelines ensure that truckers gain experience in a variety of settings, and take a high level of responsibility in their driving habits and practices. The most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • High stress levels
  • Extended driving periods with appropriate breaks
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Lack of space between other vehicles
  • Mechanical failure or defective truck components
  • Loss of concentration
  • Lack of appropriate sleep before an assignment
  • Driving in unknown territory
  • Unrealistic delivery schedules
  • Cell phone use
  • Failure to inspect the truck before departure
  • Speeding

A truck accident attorney works with each party to determine the cause of the accident, and determine appropriate compensation accordingly. A truck accident lawyer is involved to negotiate the case, determine appropriate fees, and can help protect you or a loved one who may have experienced a recent truck accident.


What are the Rules and Regulations for Truck Drivers?

Each state requires trucking companies to adhere to several rules, regulations, and guidelines throughout their practice. Federal regulations are also imposed on each trucking company, insuring that safety standards and other requirements are followed. In almost every state, truck drivers are required to:

  • Maintain a driver’s log to track their hours spent on the road, along with mileage and route information
  • Carry insurance coverage, ensuring that a trucking company can pay for any financial resources for any damages
  • Follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations regarding hours of service and equipment standards
  • Adhere to commercial driver’s license standards and federal regulations
  • Comply with all measures and guidelines of the commercial driver’s license program, or risk having their license revoked

18 wheeler trucks are especially significant because of their size and higher risk of accidents. An 18 wheeler accident lawyer or attorney is knowledgeable about specific guidelines and regulations that apply to an accident involving an 18 wheeler, and it may be necessary to consult with a specialized attorney to manage your case.


What Are the General Qualifications for Truck Drivers?

Reducing the chances of truck accidents involves hiring only qualified and trained individuals for the truck driver position. Truck accidents are more likely when a driver is poorly trained or does not have enough experience to handle different situations. The general qualifications of truck drivers, or those that pursue a commercial license are as follows:

  • Truck drivers must be at least 21 years old
  • The driver can safely operate the vehicle because of adequate training and experience
  • The driver carries a commercial motor vehicle operator’s license issued by only one State
  • The driver has successfully completed a driver’s road test

A truck accident lawyer will usually review the truck driver’s qualifications and determine if they meet all federal and state guidelines for their case. Drivers who may have been driving under the influence of alcohol, leave the scene of an accident while operating a commercial vehicle, or commit a felony involving the use of the commercial motor vehicle are automatically disqualified from driving a truck and will be further penalized in the case of a truck accident. Contact Ramji Law Group for appropriate management of your truck or auto accident case. An 18 wheeler accident attorney may also help you work on a situation that involves larger trucks and specific laws and regulations in your state.

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