“I never thought I would be in a situation where I needed an lawyer. I actually never thought I would be in a car accident. I tried to deal with the insurance company myself, but everything seemed so unfair and I felt SO misguided. I found Ramji and Associates, a Houston personal injury attorney, through a friend at work, and I turned everything over to them. I felt a sense of comfort and a sense of “oh my, have I done the right thing?” But they walked me through all the steps, and I asked tons and tons of questions, (sorry!), but they took me through all the steps. I am really happy that I chose a good law firm to help me. I actually didn’t even expect money at the end, I just wanted my car fixed and my pain gone, but I got a “settlement” and I was so surprised. It actually couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you so much.”

“I went to this firm because the main lawyer is also a doctor. I really thought that he would do a better job than any other firm. How many times can you meet a lawyer that is also a doctor. Their office was really nice to me and there was so much stuff to take care of, I didn’t have to do any of it. If you want a cool law firm, then you have to go with these people!! They were grrreeaattt!!!”

-D. R.
“I got in a bad motorbike accident. I had so many scars on my face and my knee was hurting so bad. I had some type of tearing that occurred in my knee. I had to get an MRI and see inside. I didn’t have any bills afterwards, even my hospital and my ambulance bill was paid. I lost my job because of this accident. But I got a lot of compensation and it made up for the money that i lost because of my job. I would always use them, I hope i don’t need to!! Awesome!!!”
-Ed T.
“Very professional and courteous staff. Moved the case along promptly and efficiently. Excellent Service. Thank you.”

-Mark V.